From Bucharest to Paris

Today we had the chance to celebrate together with the Armenian community from Paris. It was a great feeling to know that we are one soul, even though in different parts of the world. Thank you for watching our live stream. Please come back tomorrow for more. For those of you that are in Bucharest…


Making of 2014

Step by step we are getting closer to uncovering the second edition of Armenian Street Festival! Here are a few “behind the scenes” moments.

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Courtyard 2014

“Arca lui Noe” Restaurant Everyone knows the biblical story of Noe. Maybe not everyone knows that Noe’s Arc stopped on Mount Ararat. “Arca lui Noe” Hotel is situared in the Sinaia mountain resort, one of the biggest attractions in all of Romania. One of the restaurant’s key points is that it has a warm and…


Tradition and modernity under the sign of diversity

Although not very talkative and without many words to share about themselves, the Armenian descendants, which in a different time were populating the capital city, decided to make their existence known through actions, rather than words and to let others get to know them if they had the interest of learning the Armenian culture.


Street 2014

A few words about the artists, exhibitioners and everyone who will have a moment / activities on the Armenian Street, during this year’s festival!

2014 Festivalul Strada Armeneasc─â